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Sara-lee Austrie recently left the former-to-five lifestyle and is attempting to tell a smooth transition from business to freelance writing. I write mostly fantasy, so I really wanted to try writing a different genre, and you can’t get much different that paranormal suspense!

I also wanted to try my hand at scaring people with my writing, so this story gave me an awesome opportunity to do that. By using the storyboard, you can check your time line to be sure things are progressing in the right order.

You can track your character development, even your settings, to make sure everything is in conjunction with everything else and all of these elements are compatible with the story line. Hey, guys! Just a quick note to let you know that today I posted the final chapter from my new YA horror novella Come As You Are at Channillo, a subscription-based online novella will be available for reading online through the end of May.

Author Heather Scrooby. Join my launch team and get my next book FREE! A Romance Novel. You do not want to have to re-write the sentence or use another word, it will break the flow of the paragraph, but it looks like you will have no option!

check out some of the reviews this book has gathered so far: Legend of The East Road Reviews. Nov 21,  · Mr.

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Fulcher is also writing an online series about the historic Dracula entitled Vlad the Conqueror hosted on Channillo. Inthis series won the runner-up award for the best historical fiction series on Channillo. Check out the books available for autographing at my Autograph page.

May 03,  · Thanks to this thread, I'm tackling the whole self-publishing process. Well, not tackling, exactly. But researching the subject. And good gosh, my head is about to explode.

Channillo writing a check
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