Coordinating media to build brand equity

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For coupons to build brand equity, it is important for them to offer the consumer more than just a price break. Other incentives and promotions such as cash back, prizes, merchandise tie-ins, and free services are more effective means of building brand equity through coupons than simple percentage-off discounts%(4).

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Sep 09,  · The first step to building brand equity is to define your positioning: the single thing your company stands for to your customers. Single is the operative word here. Good positioning forces hard choices.


To define your brand position, get the key leaders in your company together. Decide what makes you different and better than your. Media coverage plays a large role in determining a company’s reputation.

The changing mix of positive and negative stories mentioning BP in the leading British, German, and U.S. media from.

Coordinating media to build brand equity
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