Cults in north america

Famous Cults In America Still Active Today

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The 10 Most Famous Cults in United States History

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The 10 Most Famous Cults in United States History

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The western world has always had a fascination with vampires. It only makes sense some people would be more into it than others. Lore surrounding vampires. Following is a list of some of the better known cults.

As has been said, the information in this document is presented in love and in the fear of no way do we despise, hate, wish to insult, or persecute the people involved in these cults in any way.

10 Doomsday Cults Of The 20th Century

Black Gods of the Metropolis: Negro Religious Cults of the Urban North [Arthur Huff Fauset, John Szwed, Barbara Dianne Savage] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Stemming from his anthropological field work among black religious groups in Philadelphia in the early s.

There are dozens of cults still active today, despite the very public demise of many well-known ones. Current cults range from New Age mystic groups to hardcore fundamentalist Christians preparing for the end of days. Many have been around for decades, with some as old as a century.

But a few others have spring up only in the last few years. THE mass suicide of nine hundred men, women and children in a Guyanan jungle in brought home to many people the danger of religious fanaticism.

The percentage of American adults who identify themselves as Christians is in number was 76% in and is dropping by about % each year. About orProtestants may have lost their majority position in the U.S.

Cults in north america
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