Germany s loss of ww1

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What were Germany's war aims in World War 2?

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There are many factors that contributed to Germany and its allies’ loss of WW1; such as inefficient military decisions and plans like the Schlieffen Plan, and the lack of strength from Germany’s allies.

Aug 10,  · source(s): it is definitely not a. hitler said the army had been stabbed in the back by its govt.

Who did hitler blame for Germanys loss in WW1?

think about this, all the fighting was on french soil and hitler claimed the army was obviously not defeated as the allies never got to Resolved. One of these reasons was that the assassination was an example of the Hapsburg's loss of control and if Austria were to decline to Germany's offer, Germany would be completely surrounded by enemies.

1 The German government also knew that Russia would lose a major base in Europe if they were to lose Yugoslavia. An annexation of Yugoslavia would also leave Greece and Bulgaria open to attack.

Had Germany done this, ahe could have kept America out of the war, and won World War One shortly after forcing peace on Russia. So again, why did Germany lose. The greatest thing that Germany lost after World War I was its dignity as it was totally humiliated with the Treaty of Versailles whose Articles demobilised and reduced the military forces of.

Germany s loss of ww1
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What did Germany lose after WWI (land lost etc)Treaty of Versailles | eNotes