Using a tape recorder to write a novel

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Elizabeth Spann Craig

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Writing by Dictation

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How to Use a Tape Recorder

Writing pads were a common tool in the past but now many writers prefer using tape recorders or digital recorders. Many voice recorders are small enough to be worn around making them ideal to use. Some of them are even smaller than a cell phone or MP3 player.

Connect a microphone to your computer; type “Sound Recorder” in your Start menu, you’re ready to record using your Windows Sound recorder.

Trying a digital voice recorder to help write my novel

Computer. How to Use a Tape Recorder.

Uses for Voice Recorders

Tape recorders may seem like a thing from the past and obsolete with all of today's technology, but don't toss that old recorder away just yet.

There are plenty of things a tape recorder can do and having one around proves to be very handy at times. "Hiroshima" is creative--in the sense that Hersey isn't taking something off a tape recorder and editing it--but it still hasn't got anything to do with what I'm talking about.

"Hiroshima" is. I don’t know much about using voice recognition software or voice recorder as a writing tool but I am sure it must be very handy while driving or travelling. I guess a voice recognition software saves the trouble of transcribing i.e listening and typing out the spoken words or sentences at the same time, as one might with a dictaphone or a mini tape-recorder.

Using a tape recorder to write a novel
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