Write a simple compiler

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I’m going to write a compiler for a simple language.

How do I write a simple compiler?

The compiler will be written in C#, and will have multiple back ends. The first back end will compile the source code to C, and use jkaireland.com (the Visual C++ compiler) to produce an executable binary.

But. The answer is simple, you may never need to write a compiler, but most likely you will find yourself in a situation where you could apply many of the ideas and algorithms that come together to create a compiler.

A Simple Compiler for the Common Language Runtime

The easiest way to write a simple program is with a text editor. So, using the text editor of your choice, create a text file with the following text, and be sure to name the text file jkaireland.com First of all, congratulations on choosing this project.

Writing a compiler is a rite of passage for computer scientists.

Writing a simple Compiler on my own - Function Semantics (part 1) [C][Flex][Bison]

There are many, many books and sites that can help for this. One of my preferred was @Scheme from Scratch - Introduction. writing to a text file, it doesn’t write hard page breaks or page numbers. In other words, in six years we’ve gone from a file with page breaks and page numbers, but embedded escape sequences, to files.

Write a simple compiler
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Writing a Compiler in C#: Lexical Analysis | All Your Base Are Belong To Us